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Please send us your POSITIVE experiences (Please Use Email Section) and the effect it had on either

you or your family.

We will Publish it here.........

Prince Philip Hospital has treated me and members of my family in our time of need - especially A&E - and as a child I even had a tooth out in Prince Philip... another service that we have lost! If there is anything I can do to help the campaign, please let me know.

John Jenkins Llanelli Councillor

I had a hernia for some time and like most men didn't really want to admit it and so left it a bit late before I actually plucked up the courage to see my GP. He recommended me to a specialist in the hospital and within a few weeks I was operated on....

A standard operation you would think but when the operating team investigated they found that the hernia was huge, far bigger than they had anticipated and they had to put a lot back that wasn't in the right place!

The operation took around four hours and for three of those hours one of the team had to hold open the incision for three hours manually so that the operation could be handled sensitively.....

These people probably saved my life..........

The Services at Prince Philip Hospital were second to none and I like many others will be eternally grateful for the staff who helped me........

Deryk Cundy