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Please send us your NEGATIVE experiences (Please Use Email Section) and the effect it had on either you or your family.

We will Publish it here ........

I have to travel from Llanelli to the Neath/Port talbot hospital for Laser treatment on my skin cancer and now reading in the local paper it looks like i will have to travel to Withybush hospital for any treatment for my Crohns Disease,Luckily i only have to my G Ps surgery for my diabetic treatment, Why do the Patients have to do all the traveling when the Doctor or consultant could do it

Geoff Paine 06.12.11

My dad was diagnosed with cancer. He travelled to Singleton for radiotherapy and West Wales General for clinic appointments, bypassing our local hospital where he had the diagnosis!!

J.Anthony 24.11.2011

"My Father had an open wound on his leg and he was in agony. His ulcers were weeping and he had shingles. During the ride to hospital he screamed out in pain every time we went over a bump. The staff were extremely concerned at the state of his leg when they unbandaged it and called a Doctor to look at it.

The Doctor came and said that in time it would improve and suggested that as this was a chronic condition my father could have his wound re-bandaged and could be sent back home. I explained that he was in extreme pain and that the journey was an agony for him, siting the shingles that he had as well. I asked could he be admitted for a few days so that he could recover there (remember he was in the Hospital at the time).

The Doctor said that although he would like to admit him, he would have to be booked in at Glangwilli in Carmarthen and then transferred back down to Llanelli.

I was flabbergasted and obviously as my father was not in a fit state to travel in the first place I had to resign myself to the fact that he would be put through more agony on the transfer back to his Residential Care Home. He was 89 years old at the time.

This was not the fault of the people who were treating him to the best of their ability but down to the system that failed both my father and its own staff.

D.M.Cundy 18.11.2011