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Tony Flatley said on May 12, 2013 11:53 PM

Please read this:

Swansea resident said on May 30, 2012 5:40 PM

I do not live in the Llanelli area but I do sympathise with you all in your fight to save services at Prince Philip Hospital (PPH). Unfortunately, I have seen this coming ever since Auigust 2010 when the ABMU HB decided to transfer the GPOOHS from Singleton to Morriston. I was one of those who spoke at public meetings against this proposal and cited many reasons why. One of our main arguments was that the A&E at Morriston was the worst one (statistically speaking) in Wales and yet the Heaslth Board was going to add to the numbers of patients being channelled there. I spoke about the `catchment ` areas for Morriston and stated often that patients from Llanelli would have to be added to the figures for A&E as I could see that the same `exercise` would follow in Hywel Dda. I even stated the mileage from Llanelli to Morriston and Glangwili - we all know which is nearer and that is what lies behing the decisions being made by your HB. It was pointed out that there was no public transport to Morriston from 6.00pm until 6.00am so transport could be very difficult for many people --- taxis would have to be the order of the day and for people living in Sketty it would be a fare of £50.00 for a return trip. Think how much it would cost those living on Gower etc. It was all completely ignored. Would it not be more honest to get rid of the the separate Health Boards and all their inflated salaries - they are obviously working `together` so might as well operate as one! That would save an awful lot of money which could then be used at the `chalkface`. The whole process is riddled with devious planning --- they should have been honest and up front from the beginning. Ask yourselves --- why was the Hywel Dda 5-year plan published long after the others and well after the due date? Morriston has had a facility built for the GPOOHS (car parking is horrendous and if you are the unwell one who is driving you cannot park near the facility!) and a small extension is being added for A&E --- this is to cope with the `old figures` and not with the updated ones which will need to include patients from Llanelli -- it has already been in the local press about how waiting times are creeping upwards again. BEWARE - the man who drove through the planning for ABMU HB is now the NHS Advisor for Wales!

Brian Anthony Cooke said on Mar 4, 2012 5:15 AM

As a retired Engineering Manager having worked in Industry for 50 years I see all the classical signs of preparing Prince Philip Hospital for either complete closure or at least a major change in operations. I say this because I had direct input into plant closures. I also recognise the attempts to centralise activities to reduce costs (moving facilities to Glangwilli and other locatons), but this is very risky unless managed very carefully. I suggest that what I have seen so far with the Hywel Dda Trust they are not in control of an activity that may well explode in their faces. My employers always supported elements of sustainable duplication as insurance to maintaining product output and customer satisfaction. I would politely suggest that the Trust need to look outside the box for solutions to the obvious problems they have which I believe is not the course of action they have currently embarked upon, namely change for change sake. You have to at all times maintain customer confidence if you are to run a successful business. Consider all the failures in business that have preceded us - consolidation within British motor manufacturers (British Motor Corporation) ultimately led complete failure - we no longer have a truely owned motor car manufacturer. There are many examples of centralisation failing, why do you think that we decentralised to the Scottish,Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies if this was not so. Hywel Dda Trust HAS considered alternatives which they intend to carry out. They deny that decisions have been made, but if you analyse the documatation published, it will emerge that the underlying alternatives are in evidence allbeit referred to as alternatives. I must admit they are quite clever in disguising their true intent by providing lots of words but no substance. Hywel Dda need to say outright whether they are prepared to accept the risk of DEATH as a result of their actions and are they prepared to meet the consequence of any legal litigation and also the probability of conflict under the patients Human Rights.

Louvain Roberts said on Feb 23, 2012 0:02 AM

As Vice Chair of SOSPPAN let me outline to you what Services have been moved from Llanelli without Consultation Vascular .Histopathology.audiology from Elizabeth Williams Clinic. Acute medicine such as chest pain ? Heart Attacks . Stroke Sevices Theatres in PPH downgraded 1 of three are used at any one time . Let's be vigilant and make certain there are no more taken by stealth.and we reinstate what we have lost. We have been promised a Maternity Services within Llanelli for years. Look at the Consultation mentions Midwife Led Unit in all 3 Counties surprise surprise again Carmarthen .Why not Llanelli no they want our Birth numbers to allow them to have again Enhanced facilities . Make your voice heard fill in the Petition

Anon said on Feb 20, 2012 0:01 AM

I was taken to Glangwili Hospital by ambulance from my Health Centre suffering with chest pains. I was admitted to a "mixed ward" and told I would be kept in overnight.I was very worried as my husband was at home in bed with alzheimers, a heart problem and emphasemia and on oxygen 24 hours per day. I was assured by a staff member that the Carers would be notified and therefore be with him. Whilst I was in hospital I overheard a nurse speaking to a doctor saying "Have you noticed tonight that all the patients admitted are from Prince Philip Hospital. During that night in hospital I got up to go to the toilet and on my way back to the ward I was told that I could not return to my bed because they had an emergency with a man in the next bed. One of the nurses told me to sit by her at the desk in the corridor. They couldn't get a hoist big enough as he was a big man. I had to sit there all night in the corridor. In the morning the doctor told me I could go home as they couldn't find anything wrong. When I arrived home the following day no one had been and my husband had been on his own for more than 24 hours. A short time later I was admitted to Prince Philip with the same pain.

Maureen Simonite said on Feb 19, 2012 11:47 PM

november 2011 after going to see my G.P. about a hernia i have he sent me from the surgery to be admitted to hospital i asked to be sent to PPH but was told i could only go to Carmarthen as that was the place the specialist was because he thought i would have to be operated on immediately. I arrived at the hospital at 6pm and i had a bed by 11.30 my husband never got home until 12.30am over 7 hours after we left Llanelli .I was in for 4 days can you imagine how much it cost for the family to visit me twice a day and where does the carbon footprint stand now.We think it is disgracefull that we are treated the way we are when we are the town with the biggest population i am a pensioner and when i was younger we payed 2 pence a week from our pay to the hospital fund and i know my parents did before me.I hope you will get the support that our hospital deserves and the people of Llanelli stand up and get counted before it is too late.We have lost our childrens ward our maternity ward and the other ones they are proposing to close now the way it is going there will be nothing left by the end of the year and once they have gone we will not get them back as we know what has happened in the past

Rosalind Pitt said on Feb 19, 2012 11:46 PM

4 yrs ago I was admitted to glangwilli hospital as an emergency, because there was no option to go to PPH I had to travel 20 miles in pain when I could have been in PPH in 5 minutes where my condition could have been stabilised, this is what was done in carmarthen after which I was sent home to wait 2 weeks for my surgery. On top of this I then had to travel to singleton hospital for radiotherapy every day for 4 weeks and a further 9 wks for chemotherapy. I had wonderful care in both these hospitals but why should I and many others like me have to bypass our own hospital just because the service we require is not provided locally.

andrea thomas said on Feb 15, 2012 11:44 PM

I live in llanelli and time and time we have been mislead and lied to about our hospital when it was first opened we were promised maternity and childrens ward where were they we live in llanelli but for some reason we can't be born here.On a number of occasions i have needed our A&E with once having to have life threatining surgery ,with these so called plans they have for our prince phillip hospital i don't think i would be here today,and many more people have needed it and still do what gives them the right to play with our lives we deserve all our services reinstated or i can see more suffering and claims through negligence being submitted .

Marcus Rose said on Feb 15, 2012 1:42 AM

Carmarthenshire is the third largest county in Wales. It does not lend itself to one central A&E. almost two thirds the population lives in the South having to travel "for me 24 miles to Glangwili" the worst off area in North Carmarthen is Llandovery, 19 miles from Glangwili population about 2000. If the health Board want their plan to succeed they need to build a new purpose built major 24hr A&E hospital in Crosshands

Phill and Connie Davies said on Feb 11, 2012 5:44 PM

Llanelli is possibly the largest town in carmarthenshire and with the largest population,surely we require a hospital with full facilities including 24hour accident and emergency services, common sense must prevail.

John E Jones said on Jan 16, 2012 11:11 PM

Llanelli is the largest town in Dyfed-Powys with the highest population. People that use the hospital need to wake up to the fact that they will have to travel out of Llanelli to get any kind service soon. Please supprt this good cause.

LINDA said on Jan 16, 2012 9:45 PM

It's time Llanelli people as the largest community in Carmarthenshire and as such contribute more into the health care money pot and still with 24hr industry active in this community DECLARE A VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in the Hywel Dda NHS Trust board.Recognised as a poor community yet they are in fact increasing our hidden taxes by making us travel for basic services which we should have and did have but which have systematically been taken from us. It was a sad day when management of our Llanelli hospitals was taken over firstly by Carmarthen health Board and then Hywel Dda trust.

Margaret said on Jan 13, 2012 7:55 PM

I currently work at pph and find it very alarming that the proposed future changes are going to put lives at risk. The media coverage state that the a and e department only deal with minor cases as we do not have the facilities to cope with any serious medical or surgical problems. We do on a daily basis deal with acute critical ill patients and have a team of experienced dedicated staff who feel degraded by these comments ,the reason we have not got the facilities to deal with patients is the fact that this service such as surgical and paediatric etc have been taken away, This does not stop the people coming to pph. Many patients have to wait in the department many hours for an ambulance for transfer as the ambulance service are busy dealing with 999emergencies in the community , so how will they cope with the obvious increase in demand ??? I think the powers behind these changes are more concerned with number crunching and are happy to put the lives of the people of Llanelli at risk. They should be thinking of reinstating services not taking more away.

Tony Flatley said on Jan 12, 2012 9:40 PM

As secretary of this group I can assure evryone who comes to visit this site, or those who have joined us, that the CIHS SOSPPAN committee is fighting tooth and nail to save our hospital. For all of you who take a look please inform your realtives and friends about this site and also the fight we are putting up. Remember PPH NEEDS YOU !!!!

very concerned staff said on Jan 12, 2012 3:33 AM

as a member of staff for pph i have to say that it is now a very unsettled place to work. no one is sure if their jobs are safe or for that matter if their family are...without a viable hospital nearby! which i fear and so do all staff working for this trust is going to be the ultimate outcome NO local hospital!

barrington onslow said on Jan 11, 2012 5:58 PM

support the action group barry

Dr Ian Gethin said on Dec 22, 2011 8:06 AM

I am a GP in Cornwall, but I was brought up in Burry Port and educated at Llanelly Boys' Grammar School. I find it incredible that the largest conurbation in Carmarthenshire is being deprived of its A&E Department along with other acute services in Secondary Care. From Burry Port it takes a good 30 minutes to get to Glangwili, whereas Prince Philip is only 15 minutes away. My mother still lives in Burry Port and finds appointments at Prince Philip much easier to get to than Glangwili. This summer she had major orthopaedic surgery at Prince Philip Hospital and neither of us can speak highly enough of the care she received there, both during her admission and post-operatively in the community. I am told that Burry Port people feel that the only thing that matters in Carmarthenshire is Carmarthen, and that the Llanelli area has been completely ignored for years, both in terms of health provision and social infrastructure. This should not be allowed to happen. I have seen similar problems in Cornwall over the last 20 years. Hospital care has been concentrated in Truro, but the West Cornwall Hospital in Penzance still survives despite many attempts to severely downgrade it. This has been achieved through public protest, both in the media and on the streets with mass demonstrations. I suggest the people of Llanelli continue to protest vigorously against these proposals. If there is one thing politicians hate it is losing votes at the next local elections. Good luck with your campaign to preserve services at Prince Philip Hospital

David Clement said on Dec 22, 2011 3:18 AM

I note Trevor Purt,s comment to the Evening Post today " ,I think in terms of Glangwilli it,s good news all the way through." This statement sums the situation up in a nutshell.

louvain roberts said on Dec 10, 2011 5:55 AM

Yesterday the cambrian news announced a new clinical Advisor for the L.H.B the name being Sir Jonathan Ashbridge appointed as a Independent person to review the proposed clinical SErvices Centralization .The only problem re this appointment Is that this gentleman is currently employed in Rochdale with the same position as he is going performing here in Hywel Dda .REmembering that the. services gave been axed drastically there under the same people/ Team that will be working together within this authority. How can this be open transparent and totally Independent ???

LOUVAIN ROBERTS said on Dec 1, 2011 2:10 AM

As a member of this committee and Vice Chair my concren re the Engagement that the L.H.B mentioned during the L H B trust board meeting. How are the Public going to ask the right Questions regarding change in Services. When no one but the Trust as seen the Complete Document of what Services of the future are to look like. Again this so called Engagement will look as if they are being open and Tranparent. They will be Pecieved by the Minister to be Engaging with the Public and gathering their views again being very crafty.......

Tony Flatley said on Nov 28, 2011 4:51 AM

Take a look at what Trevor Purt said about a petition he ignored when he slashed services at Rochdale: This from The Rochdale Observer Local health bosses back Infirmary cuts Beatriz Ayala May 20, 2006 HEALTH bosses in Rochdale Primary Care Trust have formally backed plans to scrap some hospital services at the Infirmary. Board members have agreed to support proposals which would see the loss of maternity, children's and neo-natal services, as well as urgent accident and emergency services, at the Infirmary. But colleagues at neighbouring Bury PCT have let it be known they are firmly opposed to plans to scrap maternity and children's services at Fairfield General following a public outcry. In Rochdale about 39,000 people signed petitions against the proposed service cuts as part of the Observer's Hands Off Our Hospital campaign. But Trevor Purt, chief executive at Rochdale PCT, said they were confident they had consulted the public and listened to their views. He said: "We are confident we have done this and both corporate responses have taken into consideration the views which have been expressed by stakeholders, clinicians and the public as part of the consultation phase." The Trust accepted the strength of public feeling against the proposals and said any decision made would have to consider issues of high deprivation, transport and money. Members also said health service changes in Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale and other areas should be considered. But the Trust stressed it supported the option which would see the Infirmary become a locality hospital and an urgent care centre set up. Members wanted to see more streamlined and focused hospitals, but said transport solutions were needed for any agreed option. Debbie Abrahams, the chairwoman, said: "We've been going out and making it clear it's a genuine consultation and we are open and listening to issues being raised. Transport is a real issue. We would like to see as a condition that there would be transport solutions to any reconfiguration made." Mrs Abrahams also said the Trust was interested in a midwife-led maternity unit, developed with the population and professionals, but needed to know if it was financially viable. Hellal Choudhury, a trust member, said: "Black and ethic women need a unit to have their children because of privacy and overcrowding issues at home. "They would prefer to go to hospital and most patients would back a midwife-led unit, it is a must. Without one, people in Rochdale will have less choice."

cheryl huish said on Nov 27, 2011 4:30 AM

we need the services to be returned to llanelli, lives are in danger if we have to travel away from our homes. considering how vibrant prince phillip was, its its incredibly sad to think that it is losing it all to caramrthen.

Hugh Evans BSc MS FRCS said on Nov 24, 2011 11:41 PM

Having attended the meeting in public of the Trust Board today I feel as if I have attended a meeting of the Politboro in the old communist block. What a self congratulatory group.Mere lip srvice was given to the members of the public and I am now convinced that decisions have been made before any consultation. I am appalled by the gagging of the members of the Community Health Council. I have never before come across this gagging in England. A dictatorship or what?

Charmaine John said on Nov 23, 2011 7:44 PM

The powers that be, have TOTAL disregard as to how patients are supposed to get to Glangwili for their appointments - as many do not have a car, or the money for the transport costs up and back, given that it's a 35 mile round trip - for services that used to be provided locally. People who work are also experiencing problems, as what used to mean a couple of hours off work to come to PPH, now means they have to take a day's annual leave to attend their appointments. This in iteself, causes problems for some patients who work for small businesses, as they do not have cover when their staff take time off - which isn't a problem for the one-off hospital appointment but is a major problem for patients with chronic medical problems, requiring regular hospital visits. No-one in Llanelli should be complacent here, as, at some time or another, IT IS GOING O AFFECT YOU, OR SOMEONE IN YOUR FAMILY and we need to voice our opinions if we want to keep the services we have and bring back the ones we have scandalously lost!

Elio De Filippo said on Nov 22, 2011 10:29 PM

How much more can we take? Save Prince Philip Hospital as soon we will have no NHS, let alone a decent hospital in the area. NHS cuts are wrong and against the principals and spirit of a free health service for all. Only the rich will be able to afford to pay the poor will suffer as usual..

John Rossiter said on Nov 22, 2011 6:32 PM

I attended the open meeting,on the 18th.. Many intresting comments. You have , as, a committee my full support, it is a scandal, not what they are doing now, but have been doing for years. Brand new Hospital,- No Maternity Unit,- Childrens Ward taken away, Operating theatres not fully utilised. Patients being transfered to Carmarthen (10min journey to PPH) Now, we are heading to nothing more than a cottage Hospital. Let us see what our elected representatives WILL do, not cannot do. We must fight to retain what is ours by right.

Tony Flatley said on Nov 19, 2011 4:48 AM

We are now in a fight to retain the services of our hospital and we need to use everything we can to help us fight for PPH. You can use this webpage to make your feeling known and also use The Facebook page Save Our Services at Prince Philip Hospital Llanelli. We need you the Llanelli public to stand up and fight, and fight hard to keep PPH

Hugh Evans, BSc, MS, FRCS. said on Nov 18, 2011 8:38 PM

Llanelli`s hospital service is in a parlous state. It has been denuded by Hywel Dda Trust over the years with no consultation with the public or local health providers. Most recently we have lost consultant surgeons with no promise of replacing them. Medical Schools in the UK are pouring out newly qualified doctors and there is no shortage. The reason why junior doctors do not apply to work in Llanelli is that there is no service. Do not be misled by that argument. I appeal once more to the people of Llanelli to insist on a full range of medical and surgical services to support what is the largest population in West Wales.

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