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A few short years ago Prince Philip Hospital in Llanelli was a thriving provider of excellent medical services.

Many of these services heve been taken from the people and the Community of Llanelli and have a major impact on us all.

Literally from cradle to grave.

Some services like acute surgery have gone from the Surgical Review in 2007

We MUST fight to get them re-instated or they will be gone forever.

People who are backing this campaign are the ones who have brought your babies into this world, have repaired you, who have nursed you back to health who can see what we are losing and are going to lose more.

If these people are worried we all should be,


It is time for change........

Everyone must show our opposition and get the Hospital Services that we need. There are tens of thousands of people being discriminated against.

Recent changes by the Hywel Dda Health Board led by Mr Trevor Purt

have led Llanelli to becoming known in medical circles as the "poor man of Carmarthenshire", with a "third world" set of services.

Llanelli is seen to be "easy meat" because we have trusted in our Health Authority to deliver the best - this is patently not what is being delivered.

It is time to show them that they have lost our trust and to show them that the people of Llanelli want a top class service delivered locally as an expanding town of its size warrants.

Losing Services.......

We know we are losing Surgeons - why?

We know there is no Maternity Unit in Llanelli - why not?

We know that to be booked into a bed in Llanelli you have to go to Carmarthen - why?

The Accident and Emergency is - if you ask Reception - open 24 hours a day

yet stories persist of it being closed at 20.00 until the following morning.

Do you want to take your child, or partner, friend, mother, father, relative or indeed yourself to Carmarthen after a certain time if you have an injury?

What happens if you need an emergency operation, have a heart attack, a burst appendix, a hernia, ?

The "Golden Hour" that everyone talks about, so called because it is critical to recovery is considerably reduced because it takes at least 30 minutes to reach Carmarthen West Wales Hospital (Glangwilli) from Llanelli.

What are the pressures going to be on the ambulance service if they are in Carmarthen delivering patients and they are needed in Llanelli? Does this mean that emergencies may have to wait an hour before they get to you and yours to the hospital?

How is this going to work? No one really knows. Its all a gamble by Hywel Dda. With you as the bet.

Downgraded by Stealth..........

Limited General Surgery is still being done in Llanelli and this is essential because if "elective surgery" is not done it soon turns into emergency surgery with the associated risks.

Soon even these limited services may be reduced still further

The hospital has always been at the heart of Llanelli and with good reason.

At various stages we all need to use its services but soon they will no longer be here and you will have to travel to Carmarthen or Swansea to use them.

The nearest hospitals to us are 11 miles away (Morriston and Singleton) and the next nearest is nearly double that distance at Carmarthen, where now they are even taking our dead to autopsy them.

We are reduced to using ambulances to transport the dead as well as the living. Where is the sense in that?

Llanelli is being downgraded by stealth.

They haven't even had the decency to tell us, to consult with us or even to explain what benefits we will get.


Simply because there aren't any.......