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To implement this type of policy you need to have someone who has had experience of doing this previously.

The Chief Executive Mr Trevor Purt was engaged by Hywel Dda Health Board in 2009 and was previously employed in Rochdale in a similar role for a 6 year period.

He has implemented a policy of Centralisation and Closure previously so is well prepared for repeating his successes in Rochdale.

The continuation of his policies are possibly what we can expect at Hywel Dda, and especially in Llanelli..

So how are they currently removing the services at Llanelli without consulting anyone as they are legally suppose to do?

Quite simple really and rather clever..... they wait for the Senior Surgons to leave or retire and then don't replace them in Llanelli but re-locate them to other hospitals (Carmarthen) and say they cannot get doctors to work in Llanelli.

Of course as they don't advertise the posts in Llanelli the departments close down. If the departments are no longer viable you don't have to consult with the public.

This is a cynical abuse of power.

What we want is a return to the provision of General Surgery, General Medicine and Emergency Surgery.

This will in turn support our Services for an Accident and Emergency Department.

We deserve nothing less.